Infrastructure that delivers for people

The success of major infrastructure projects is based on how well each dollar spent contributes to the quality of life for a growing population. These projects need a person-centred view of designing, building, and refining infrastructure for the 21st century.

The Challenge

Infrastructure is not about buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels and the like. Infrastructure is about people. Moving people. Moving the goods they need. Moving the raw materials for industry and utilities that employ and serve them. Moving the water and waste that makes or breaks the quality of life for millions of people. Providing places – buildings – where people learn, work, and socialise.

The need for these supporting acts is growing: Australia will have a projected population of 34 million people by 2040. New South Wales alone has budgeted $87.2 billion for infrastructure projects that serve transport, energy, water, health, education, justice, culture, sport, and tourism. These massive infrastructure projects must not only be built on time and budget, but they must also improve business productivity, health and wellbeing, public safety, and quality of life for the millions of people they support.

The Soto Way

Soto engineers are passionate about the future; an engineered future where the great challenges posed by the needs of a growing population and growing economy can be designed, built, and refined for lasting benefit. Soto is a key player in large infrastructure projects, where its expertise in modelling simulation, and the use of virtual reality tools, can add value to a project by taking an idea, a requirement, or a specification, and improving it. Soto can make a valuable contribution to infrastructure projects through the optimisation of civil, mechanical, structural engineering analysis and design that leads to improvements in construction outcomes, as well as ongoing operational efficiency and effectiveness, safety, maintenance requirements, and asset lifecycle.

We’re proud of this one…

Soto delivered outstanding outcomes for tunnel ventilation systems in M4-M5 Link Tunnel that form the final and most critical component of the​ 33-kilometre WestConnex motorway network, Australia’s largest road infrastructure project. Rather than simply designing the usual mechanical components and supporting structures based on prescribed locations, Soto engineers set about engineering outstanding outcomes for air quality in the tunnels and for surrounding communities.

The team of specialists used data, including the fan specifications and the tunnel features, to build models and simulations of flow capacity, leading to optimised fan placement. The use of virtual reality tools helped design supporting structures for installation and access that made operations and maintenance safer. The result is a contribution to a major road project that adds value to the asset and the quality of life for people who use it and live nearby.

Customer Story

M4M5 Link PVRF Design