About Us

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with passion. Our entire business is built on this fundamental belief.

Quality Assured

Founded in 1989

22+ Years Experience

Engineering is in our DNA

For 20 years and counting, Soto has worked collaboratively with major companies in the heavy industrial and mineral resources sectors to design, build, and refine engineering solutions that enable them to compete in global markets.

Soto’s team of specialists have a wealth of experience across engineering disciplines and industry sectors and strong track-record of delivering solutions for clients. They employ advanced engineering methods and tools, underpinned with quality assurance systems, but most importantly, they each understand the value of long-term relationships. Soto engineers see themselves as being embedded in the businesses and industries they serve. This long-term view and partnership approach, combined with a passion for solutions that are imaginative and creative, provides the platform for outstanding outcomes.

The Soto way: design, build, refine

Engineering outstanding solutions

In practice, the Soto way is a three-step process that starts with getting to know you and working together to deliver outstanding outcomes, something we can all be proud of.


We start with building an understanding of you, of your needs and the scope of the project. We care for our clients and treat them with respect. We value open communication and enduring relationships


We take responsibility for delivering on our commitments. After the initial contact, we will promptly provide you with a task brief that outlines the scope, deliverables, timeline and fee. Our standards of professionalism drive us to be transparent in showing we’ve understood your needs and can meet your expectations.


Our team of specialists will get to work, they take ownership for the outcome and conduct their work with passion, creativity, and integrity. We strive to build on the relationship with you, maintaining clear and open communication. Our technical excellence and quality management systems underpin our drive for excellence.

Our Leadership

Frank Soto

Managing Director

Jim Allan

Chief Operating Officer

David McIlveen

Chief Financial Officer

Our Advisory Board

Kenneth Humphries

Board Member

Brian Rooney

Board Member