Structural Engineering

Together, we can shape your world.

Collaborative Approach

You can have the confidence of knowing that we understand your operations and your constraints because we work in partnership with you. This means that we will work within critical shut-down timeframes and operational commitments.

Our engineers relish being out in the field and will work on-site in partnership with your operations and maintenance teams to provide you with comprehensive engineering support from start to finish in the management and delivery of projects.

Solutions Focus

To get there, our structural engineering team is backed with the capability and experience of our Advanced Analysis team. This multi-disciplinary team approaches the project from a 360-degree perspective to help you understand how all the components fit together, allowing you to have a complete picture of the viability and sustainability of the project.

What makes us different though is that we see structural engineering as a calling. We see each new project as an opportunity to be inventive and innovative. Our pride is in seeing the bins, conveyors, towers and more not only solve the engineering challenge, but representing elegant and innovative design. Together, we’ll create solutions we can all be proud of.