Statutory Audits

An audit process that goes above and beyond

Collaborative Approach

Soto engineers are passionate about helping business thrive, not only thorough innovative engineering solution but through using the latest tools and techniques to audit and monitor ongoing operations. Your success is our success.

Our experienced engineers deliver on-site statutory audits that include a visual inspection to locate and assess problem areas on your site, completing the audit paperwork and providing complete documentation, including identification of risks, photo evidence and a risk mitigation plan.

We have vast experience working across industry scores including, mining, heavy industry, equipment, infrastructure, and all of the assets needed in your operations. We keep on top of the details and any changes to Australian Work Health and Safety (WHS) Guidelines, relevant Australian Standards, and industry-specific regulations, so you can focus on running your business.

Solutions Focus

But Soto’s statutory audit team goes further: we use the latest technology, such as our mobile application SOTO I-Site that capture real-time data that reduces data input time and potential errors. Your data is at your fingertips, almost immediately.

Soto has engaged licensed and experienced drone pilots to capture digital photography and video of otherwise inaccessible or high-risk locations. You will truly have a bird’s eye view of your operations.

We see the audit process as vital to the online health and success of your business. Through a partnership, we will understand your needs and the specific nature of your operations to deliver improved safety, asset protection, reduced time and expense compared to traditional audits, and complete complications with relevant regulations.

Together, we’ll deliver audits that save time, money, reduce downtime and improve safety.