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Sharing our passion for education through the UOW Summer MasterClass program

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Frank Soto

It’s no secret that we love engineering. But we’re passionate about plenty of other things here at Soto, including education. We believe you never stop learning and that it’s important to foster that love of education in others too. So, we were honoured this January to sponsor 2 students for the UOW Summer MasterClass.  

The UOW Year 12 HSC Summer MasterClass is one of University of Wollongong’s many outreach programs that help and encourage young people through high school and on to vocational pathways or university, and a better, brighter future.  

The MasterClass is specifically designed for those entering Year 12 in 2020 who want to maximise their HSC results and experience just a little of university life before making their choices later this year. With 9 subjects on offer that complement and build on the current HSC curriculum, the 3-week program allows students starting their last year of High School to complete a university subject and kick start their higher education journey. The program subjects cover everything from Business to History and Visual Arts to Computer Programming ensuring a wide range of topics that appeal to students from across the country. Of course, the STEM programs are particularly close to our heart and we are so encouraged to see more young people taking an interest in STEM and what that means for jobs in the future.  

Access to further education, be it vocational courses or university, isn’t always easy, especially for those from disadvantaged backgrounds or with health issues. By taking an active interest in the education of our youth, we are proud to have enabled two young women to take advantage of the experiences on offer at UOW and help prepare them for the future. It was an honour to see them graduate from the course at the end of January and who knows – maybe one day they’ll be the engineers of the future!  

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