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Launch of CSD’s Shenstone cottonseed processing facility showcases Soto’s Structural Design Engineering capabilities in the Agribusiness sector.
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Frank Soto Jr

Project Engineer

Soto has a well-earned reputation for successful collaborations on demanding structural engineering projects. So, when Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD), one of only a handful of independent cotton seed companies in the world, decided to upgrade a major processing facility, contractor Brolton Group naturally called in Soto to assist. The $90 million upgrade of the Shenstone seed processing plant at Wee Waa in North-West New South Wales arose out of the deep sense of responsibility that CSD has towards the needs of Australian growers. CSD’s strong commitment to its customers resonated with Soto’s passion for creating winning relationships.

Engineering a productive partnership with both CSD and Brolton has underpinned the successfull outcomes of the project – Including the doubling capacity of the old plant

The Soto team enthusiastically brought on board our everything engineered philosophy to the Shenstone plant upgrade and got to work closely with CSD and Brolton. For the Soto engineers, the challenges of this cottonseed processing facility project were a professional delight, because the team loves solving complex problems. And Shenstone had plenty of areas for the Soto team to deploy their world-class skills in structural engineering, plant engineering, equipment & machine design, and seed materials handling. The close collaboration with Brolton Group meant that we delivered robust
engineering solutions for major elements of the new treatment plant and de-linting plant, while also utilising our standout manufacturing and construction support services. Soto’s expertise, coupled with our relationship-building skills, enabled both Brolton and CSD to have an unambiguous and comprehensive understanding of the interworking of all key engineering components for the plant.

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March 15, 2018

SOTO structural design support for CSD’s ‘Shenstone’ Cotton Seed Processing Plant and Laboratory

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